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Is Change Free?

We have sheltered in place, schools are closed and many of us are not working or working from home. The daily grind has come to a screeching halt, now replaced with homeschooling, completing honey-do lists, playing with the kids, and binge-watching with the family. Let's face it, dads, life as we know it has made a complete 180-degree turn and our daily lives have changed. Dads are now spending more time with their children more than ever before, they're sharing meals that they have prepared on Instagram and most of all the honey-do list is shorter than ever before but never to be complete. So as the death toll continues to rise, political leaders continue to value dollars over humans dads are experiencing newfound freedom. My question for you today is can you go back to business as usual? Or will you desire to keep some of your new-found freedoms? Whichever you chose there will be a price to pay.

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